My creative process (Friendship Rose)

My creative process (Friendship Rose)

I took a lot of progress photos of my first painting of 2015. My intention is to be bold, experiment, and make art that really speaks from my soul this year… and I mean to do that through Figures and Still life but somehow a flower came out! lol 

Floral work is comforting for me so I guess I shouldn’t be surprised my first instinct was to paint a flower. I’m big on nailing down a concept before I begin an artwork (because I believe life is meaningful and I want my artwork to have meaning also) sooooo I remembered yellow roses typically symbolize friendship which is perfect because I began this year taking care of my friendships and feeling thankful for those special people.🙂

The most interesting thing to me looking at these photos is that – I can be fickle – and I see that in my process with the temperature change of the yellow and reworking several areas after already having put down bold marks.

I’d like to say something about art-making for those people still hesitating.

I have read many articles from artist coaches over the last year and 2014 was an under productive year for me. Why? Most “creative coaches” ask artists to be “authentic” “genuine” etc. That can be paralyzing. It froze me. I stopped. So what change?

Well I kept thinking about it and decided authenticity – rawness –  is a lot to ask of someone in a culture that breeds insecurity. We ask people to feel not-good-enough so they buy things and want things to one-up the next person… it’s boring. I’m bored with that. I prefer to be a lover not a fighter. Life doesn’t have to be a competition. Choose not to compete. Let go. Don’t compare and contrast your strength and weaknesses vs. “a successful artist” you see or admire… Do your own thing and do it now. Do it badly. Do it a lot. Do it because you can’t help it…because that’s who you are. You make stuff.🙂

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So it looks like I’m moving to Texas.

Funny thing when you move, you have to re-evaluate priorities. I love the studio and teaching art but I do miss having the energy to keep up my own work.

Looks like with this move I’ll be able to focus on creating collections of work. So I’m excited about settling down in a couple weeks and hashing out which project to tackle and complete !

I sketched a rose for Independence Day. The rose is the National flower so I thought it was appropriate.

Hopefully I will get back to posting on a regular basis !



Baby Dreams April 21, 2014 Daily Art

Baby Dreams April 21, 2014 Daily Art


6×6 Acrylic on Canvas 60.00 Click here to buy

I painted this with Easter and spring on my mind and how I have so many hopes for the future, “baby dreams”…

I am in quite a mood today which translated into several washes instead of my usual textured marks. Funny thing is you’d think it’d be the opposite way around. lol

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday weekend!



April 19, 2014 Daily Art – Success without Luck and Tips about Pricing Your Work

April 19, 2014 Daily Art – Success without Luck and Tips about Pricing Your Work

Image11×14 Acrylic on Canvas Panel

The painting above is of my niece.( I apologize for the bad picture quality! ) I completed the painting in one sitting (the sketch and under painting were done days before but the process was interrupted) for her birthday. My intention was to keep it loose, flowy and fun. She loved it🙂 So I am happy and fortunate to have a niece who appreciates art.

I have a couple thoughts on Luck that I need to share. I would hate to have people – artists – walking around thinking that they need Luck in order to be successful.

It truly bothers me when people tell me I am “lucky” as if I was born with a +20 in my Luck attribute. In my relatively short experience in the fine art field – approx. 2 years now – I have grown in leaps and bounds. I even received an award a couple days ago!

I will not attribute my successes to luck. Luck did not wake me up at 6 am countless mornings. Luck did not help me push through the days I just wanted to quit. Luck did not pay for the workshop I took earlier this year. Luck did not get me in touch with the website I am featured on. I can go on and on. A better word for luck is opportunity.

Look for opportunities and take them! Sometimes opportunities find you but if you haven’t been working then you won’t be able to take new opportunities!

As for pricing…

I don’t tell myself that I am the next Picasso but I DO tell myself that what I create is beautiful and worth what I price it at. This is a reasonable stance to take and has served me well.  I have yet to be told I am or my work is not “worth” what I ask. That is because I price my work as low as I am comfortable with which means I know when I sell my work I will be at least compensated for the time and materials that went into it. If the work does not sell, regardless of the reason, I am OK with it because selling my work for less than I value it would corrupt my spirit — it would make me bitter and resentful — and I do not want to live life as a bitter person.🙂

Keeping your spirit positive and fresh will help you produce more successful work which multiplies your portfolio and inventory vs. bargain binning your work and making back half the price of time, materials, and heart.

I hope you are doing wonderful!



P.S I know this post is a day late, sorry❤